Done with LASIK

Over a year ago I decided to check out laser eye surgery. What I initially heard and read about it was all very positive, so I went for it. On April 29th, 2010 I got my eyes lasered at Memira in Fredrikstad. This first treatment didn’t give me 100% sharp vision on both eyes, so …

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Wait and… see?

Yesterday I went back to Memira for a more thorough examination (the examination of 2 weeks ago didn’t really give me all the answers). This time I was scheduled with the ‘big guns’: both the ‘fagsjef’ (not sure about the correct translation: I guess ‘chief advisor’ comes closest) and one of their surgeons. It was …

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Memira – round 2

Tomorrow, about 3.5 months after my first procedure, I will begin another round at Memira.My first round there did not result in the good/perfect vision I had hoped for. I knew this chance existed right from the start, as Memira clearly informs about it. They state that 5-10% of the people need an additional (free-of-charge) …

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