Obsolete email domains

This page contains a list of obsolete email domains. These domains were once in use for anything between 1 and millions of email addresses, but are for various reasons no longer in use for email. (The domains can still be active for other services!)

domainownerservice end datesourcenotes
ai.fei.hva.nlHogeschool van Amsterdam[unknown]
c2i.netTele2 Norge ASApril 30th, 2013Tele2 legger ned sine e-posttjenester. (in Norwegian)This domain no longer belongs to Tele2, so any emails now being sent to @c2i.net addresses can be legitimately(?) accessed by the new owners of the domain...

See also this warning from NSM. (in Norwegian)
fei.hva.nlHogeschool van Amsterdam[unknown]
planetall.comPlanetAll2000PlanetAll is no more
poboxes.infoEvert MeulieFebruary 17th, 2014one of my old domains
respond.asRespond AS2002a former employer of mine
responding2.comRespond AS2002a former employer of mine
tele2.noTele2 Norge ASApril 30th, 2013Tele2 legger ned sine e-posttjenester (in Norwegian)
tiscali.noTiscali / World Online (WOL)September 2005Slettet Tiscali-kunders e-post (in Norwegian)

If you have any additions for the list, please leave them as a comment and I’ll add them asap 😎

If you own a domain listed here, and plan on reactivating it for email services, please let me know!

…and I guess this is a good place to mention that I was formerly known as [email protected], but this address is obsolete as well nowadays.


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