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Name / Navn:Evert Meulie
Address / Bosted:N-1892  Degernes (Norway)
Date of birth:April 24th, 1972
Driver's license:B kode 78
Languages:Dutch and English: fluently.

Norwegian: Reading/understanding: Fluently. Speaking/writing: basic knowledge. In an environment where English is understood, I have a habit of speaking/writing in English and receiving feedback in Norwegian. This has never been an issue in my employments to date.

(This doesn't mean I'm unwilling to speak Norwegian. I just won't be as eloquent in Norwegian at the moment as I am in English)

(I mars 2001 har jeg bestått sprakprøven i norsk for voksne innvandrere ('Bergens Test').)


(in the process of updating this list. Is a required skill missing, please contact me. I may possess the skill you're looking for anyway!)
Computer Literacy (general):Firewall administration (RouterOS & SonicWALL Pro 100), HTML, some Progress, all parts of the Internet. Novell NetWare. Certified SMC networking specialist. Anti virus software (Trend Micro and others)
Computer Literacy (Microsoft OS):client: Anything from 3.x up to and including Windows 10
server: Anything from NT4 up to Windows Server 2019. Microsoft Exchange server, some Microsoft SQL server.
Computer Literacy (Linux OS):installing, configuring & daily use/administration of most major Linux distributions. Installing & configuring of VoIP (Asterisk, trixbox & some SER. MySQL DB server, Postfix email server, Squid proxy server, WordPress (hosting, SEO, tuning) & many others. Some FreeBSD & HP-ux experience.
Also wide experience with installing, configuring & maintaining Mikrotik RouterOS systems.
Computer Literacy (hardware):All common computer hardware of the last 30+ years. Also embedded systems from companies like PC Engines, Soekris & Routerboard.
Third LightDigital media library administration
SEOI have a moderate knowledge of SEO ('Getting as high in the Google listings as possible'), mostly self-taught and from years of experience.
Cloud computingLong-term experience with Microsoft Azure when it comes to websites & databases. Basic experience with Google Cloud Platform & Amazon Web Services (AWS).
Inbound MarketingA couple of years of experience, and Inbound-certified by HubSpot
Virtualization platformsI've managed virtual machines for many years, both for employers (VMware, Proxmox) and as a hobby (VirtualBox, Proxmox). Basic knowledge about the various cloud-based solutions (DigitalOcean, Azure, Amazon EC2, Google Compute Engine)
NAS-managementMany years of experience with Synology-based NAS, both at work and at home.
Web hostingMany years of web hosting experience on both IIS & NGINX/Apache platforms. Basic experience with fine-tuning sites with mechanisms like YSlow & PageSpeed.
WordPress10+ years experience. Both from hosting my own WordPress sites, and maintaining WordPress sites for others.


Google Ads Fundamentals
Google Academy for Ads - AdWords Fundamentals

Mobile Sites Certification
Google Academy for Ads - Mobile Sites Certification
Google Analytics Individual Qualification
Google Academy for Ads - Google Analytics Individual Qualification


MCTS - Windows Server 2008, SQL server 2008

Work history

Mar 2022 -Arkiv Øst IKSIKT-driftsmedarbeider
Sep 2008 - Jun 2017Omnicom ASIT sjef (until Feb 2017), Test- og driftansvarlig (Feb-Jun 2017)
Jul 2004 - Aug 2008Witelcom ASChief engineer
Dec 2003 - Apr 2004Telio ASSystems Engineer
Feb 2000 - Sep 2002Respond ASNetwork Manager (employment terminated because of bankruptcy)
Jul 1999 - Feb 2000NoPapers FoundationEditor of the Agenda of the Netherlands
Apr 1999 - Jun 1999Qvam Hageserviceassistant gardener
1998 -Freelance translatorDutch - English, English - Dutch
Mar 1998 - May 1998Schlumberger Geco-Prakla (via Olsten Datavikar)WWW / Database
1998 -Linux Counter Projectdatabase maintenance. Board member since june 2003.
Feb 1996 - Dec 1997Hogeschool van Amsterdam (Amsterdam Polytechnic), Central OfficeLibrary Automation
Feb 1995 - Jan 1996Hogeschool van Amsterdam (Amsterdam Polytechnic), Fac. of HealthcareLibrary worker
Aug 1994 - Jan 1995Hogeschool van Amsterdam (Amsterdam Polytechnic), Fac. of EducationLibrary worker
Jan 1994 - Dec 1995Hogeschool van AmsterdamRepresentative Advisory Council
Oct 1990 - Jun 1991Jac. P. Thijsse Collegecustodian
Aug 1990 - Dec '97Duin & Bosch hospital, Radio StationHead of technical dept. (voluntary work)
summer '85, '86, '89ING Bankadministrative assistant (summer job)


I have a passion for reading, books & retro computing. I also dabble a bit in photography. I like watching TV/movies & listening to ’80s-music. Read more about my interests on my blog.


2009MicrosoftMCTS (70-432 & 70-643)
2000 - 2001NæringsakademietMCSE Windows 2000 (taken all classes, but no exams.)
Aug 92 - Jun 97HvA (Amsterdam Polytechnic)Library & Information Science (not graduated, mainly because of emigration)
Aug 91 - May 92HvA (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences)Bachelor of Education - English (not completed)
Aug 89 - Jun 90Shawnee Mission South high school, Overland Park, KS, USA classes: Journalism, Computer Programming, Radio/TV Production and others
Aug 84 - Jun 89Jac. P. Thijsse College, Castricum, the Netherlandsclasses: Dutch, English, math, physics, chemistry, economics & music


Omnicom ASMany IT-related tasks, among which the following:
* Software/hardware purchasing.
* IT support. Mainly for my colleagues at Omnicom AS, MarkedsPartner AS, Syzweb AS & Aveno AS, but occasionally also for customers. Mostly Windows, but in the last year a growing amount of macOS-related cases.
* Webmaster: Keeping 100's of websites up and running. Mostly IIS-based, some Apache/NGINX-based. If one/more sites were down, determine the cause and either resolve the problem myself or notify a developer and/or designer. In the more recent years, a fair share of the sites was hosted on the Microsoft Azure service.
* Postmaster: Administer/maintain an email hosting environment (first Qmail, later Postfix) which was used by several of our customers, but also internally.
Administer the corporate email environment (first Exchange, later Office 365).
* Proofreading of blog posts, mostly in Norwegian(!), some in English.
* QA testing of websites and publishing them when they're up to spec.
Witelcom ASServer management, both Linux-based & Windows-based. Includes (among others): mail server, VoIP server, database server.
Various R&D, among which RADIUS-systems and embedded Linux systems & applications. Production of various Witelcom products
Telio ASInstallation & configuration (hardware/software) of Telio's main servers for WWW, SQL & SIP. Server monitoring. Second-line customer support.
Respond ASNetwork management. Responsible for all servers, work stations & phone systems. Microsoft, Apple & Linux platforms.
Schlumberger Geco-PraklaAt Geco-Prakla I did revision work on the (internal) website and wrote maintenance programs for MFG-pro, a Progress application.
Hogeschool van AmsterdamAt the Faculty of Education I served as an all-round worker, but specialized myself in the software suite (ADLIB) used for the catalogue and all administration.At the Faculty of Healthcare I continued working on ADLIB, and made a Hogeschool-specific version of the software. Besides that I also specialized myself in information retrieval (over the Internet).When working at the central office as ADLIB applications manager I was fixing problems, finetuning parts & doing maintainance on the various versions used at the different locations of the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. Keeping the central (online) database up-to-date was also part of my job. And, last but not least, I was the helpdesk for the libraries of the Hogeschool van Amsterdam, officially only for ADLIB but usually also for all kinds of other software and Internet matters.The Representative Advisory Council of the Hogeschool has to approve all the major decisions the School Board is taking. I participated 2 years in the Council as a student member.
Duin & Bosch hospitalAt the Duin & Bosch psychiatric hospital I was running the technical dept. of the internal radio station and was as such a member of the board. I also had my own program.
Second Brain™Beta tester of Second Brain website.
Microsoft CorporationBeta tester of Microsoft software. Windows XP service packs. Windows Server 2008.
Corel CorporationBeta tester of Corel software. Corel WordPerfect suite.
Electronic ArtsBeta tester of game software - Earth and Beyond & The Sims Online.
FuncomBeta tester of game software - Paradigm Shift.
the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day SaintsBeta tester of genealogy data & software.
Jac.P.ThijsseVarious custodial work, including running the canteen, running the various copiers etc. Taking care of the (software) installation and maintenance of the Novell network.

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