Movies and miniseries based on works by Ken Follett

official photo of Ken Follett

I’ve always been a big fan of the works of Ken Follett, both his historical novels and his thrillers. They’re not the thinnest books usually, so one really needs to set some time aside to read one. Spoiler alert: They’re all worth it! 😎

Several of his works have been turned into movies and miniseries (albeit with mixed results). Here’s a list of all movies and miniseries based on works by Ken Follett:

movie/miniserierelease yearbased onnotes
Fall of GiantsunknownFall of Giantsa work in progress?
a Dangerous fortune2016a Dangerous fortune
World without end2012World without end
the Pillars of the Earth2010the Pillars of the EarthKen Follett has a cameo as a merchant.
the Third Twin1997the Third TwinKen Follett has a cameo as a manservant.
Red Eagle1994Lie down with lions
On wings of eagles1986On Wings of Eagles
the Key to Rebecca1985the Key to Rebecca
Eye of the Needle1981Eye of the Needle
Capricorn One1977Capricorn OneThis is not a movie based on a work by Ken Follett, but a novelization by Ken Follett (using the pseudonym Bernard L. Ross) of the film.

Which one is your favourite movie/miniseries? Are there any novels by Ken Follett which you would like to see turned into a movie/miniseries?