AFS 89-90 Greater Kansas City Area, USA

These people spent a year (or less) with the AFS in the greater Kansas City Area in 1989 – 1990.
If your name is on the list, or you know anyone on this list: please contact me!

  • Kylie Brown (Australia)
  • Kym Lowery (Australia)
  • Maria Katherina Kober (Austria)
  • Heimo Kramer (Austria)
  • Christian Rouffaert (Belgium)
  • Peter Janssens (Belgium)
  • Cecile Ancion (Belgium)
  • Jan Donvil (Belgium)
  • Jurgen Knaepen (Belgium)
  • Sean O’Connor (Belgium)
  • Philippe Guldemont (Belgium)
  • Liesbeth Spaas (Belgium)
  • Ximena Marquez (Bolivia)
  • Marcelo Emillo Beckert (Brazil)
  • Alessandro Montgomery Soares (Brazil)
  • Melanie Boyer (Canada)
  • Sarah Bernard (Canada)
  • Eymy Morales Agullar (Chile)
  • Monica del Pilar Trujillo (Colombia)
  • Clara Ines Prado (Colombia)
  • Luis Fernando Perez (Colombia)
  • Oscar Maricio Jimenez (Colombia)
  • Carlos Gustavo Mora (Colombia)
  • Priscilla M. Castillio (Costa Rica)
  • Susanne Jorgensan (Denmark)
  • Louise Lau-Jensen (Denmark)
  • Malene Hallund (Denmark)
  • Mette Lee Thim (Denmark)
  • Gianna Moya Casals (Dominican Republic)
  • Cristy Reyes (Ecuador)
  • Cecilla Vaca (Ecuador)
  • Dalia Mahfouz (Egypt)
  • Mari Palenius (Finland)
  • Frederique Humbert (France)
  • Karine Trilles (France)
  • Bertrand Willmann (France)
  • Miriam Butz (Germany)
  • Gregor Hibbeln (Germany)
  • Verena Doerbaum (Germany)
  • Katrin Krebs (Germany)
  • Christian Muller (Germany)
  • Simone Shaupp (Germany)
  • Dionisis Voulgaris (Greece)
  • Elena Pratanou (Greece)
  • Adalitza Lyzbany Pinnet (Honduras)
  • Anayhansy Reyes (Honduras)
  • Lidya Calix (Honduras)
  • Sakura Mirawaty Widodo (Indonesia)
  • Filippo Rota (Italy)
  • Ileana Pretotto (Italy)
  • Monica Muscato (Italy)
  • Daniele Tarini (Italy)
  • Paola Castro (Italy)
  • Annamaria Delitala (Italy)
  • Gabriele Cespuglio (Italy)
  • Matteo Masciello (Italy)
  • Jun Otahara (Japan)
  • Nobuaki Negishi (Japan)
  • Ryoko Miwa (Japan)
  • Adriana Martinez (Mexico)
  • Bastiaan Ordelmans (the Netherlands)
  • Evert Meulie (the Netherlands)
  • Mark Leach (New Zealand)
  • Unni Fredheim (Norway)
  • Alberto Esteban Villalba (Paraguay)
  • Andre van Reenen (South Africa)
  • David Harrower (South Africa)
  • Kote Trapaidze (Georgia)
  • Paloma Perez (Spain)
  • Otto Dandenell (Sweden)
  • Sandy Eggli (Switzerland)
  • Sibylle Flück (Switzerland)
  • Adrien Beck (Switzerland)
  • Judy Wyss (Switzerland)
  • Sayumporn Sirivivatpaitoon (Thailand)
  • Siamrath Kaimlainak (Thailand)
  • Sofia Douaihi (Venezuela)
  • Elvia Pinto (Venezuela)

8 thoughts on “AFS 89-90 Greater Kansas City Area, USA”

  1. hello I went todo Kansas City area . I spent muy time with a Blue Spring’s family Bit I don’t ser muy name. Maybe ’cause I returned before todo my country Honduras.

    1. Hi Lidya!

      Nice to see you here! The list on my page I compiled from the AFS yearbook, so anyone who returned premature (like the other Dutch guy who was there) isn’t listed, unfortunately. I’ll add you right away though 🙂

  2. I could not believe seeing my name on this missing persons list loollll …wow loong time and i am very happy to be intouch with all of you guys 🙂


    1. Thank you so much! 🙂

      I have emailed her straight away. I have removed her email address from your comment to keep down the amount of spam she receives… 😉

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