AFS 89-90 Greater Kansas City Area, USA

These people spent a year (or less) with the AFS in the greater Kansas City Area in 1989 – 1990.
If your name is on the list, or you know anyone on this list: please contact me!

Kylie Brown (Australia)
Kym Lowery (Australia)
Maria Katherina Kober (Austria)
Heimo Kramer (Austria)
Christian Rouffaert (Belgium)
Peter Janssens (Belgium)
Cecile Ancion (Belgium)
Jan Donvil (Belgium)
Jurgen Knaepen (Belgium)
Sean O’Connor (Belgium)
Philippe Guldemont (Belgium)
Liesbeth Spaas (Belgium)
Ximena Marquez (Bolivia)
Marcelo Emillo Beckert (Brazil)
Alessandro Montgomery Soares (Brazil)
Melanie Boyer (Canada)
Sarah Bernard (Canada)
Eymy Morales Agullar (Chile)
Monica del Pilar Trujillo (Colombia)
Clara Ines Prado (Colombia)
Luis Fernando Perez (Colombia)
Oscar Maricio Jimenez (Colombia)
Carlos Gustavo Mora (Colombia)
Priscilla M. Castillio (Costa Rica)
Susanne Jorgensan (Denmark)
Louise Lau-Jensen (Denmark)
Malene Hallund (Denmark)
Mette Lee Thim (Denmark)
Gianna Moya Casals (Dominican Republic)
Cristy Reyes (Ecuador)
Cecilla Vaca (Ecuador)
Dalia Mahfouz (Egypt)
Mari Palenius (Finland)
Frederique Humbert (France)
Karine Trilles (France)
Bertrand Willmann (France)
Miriam Butz (Germany)
Gregor Hibbeln (Germany)
Verena Doerbaum (Germany)
Katrin Krebs (Germany)
Christian Muller (Germany)
Simone Shaupp (Germany)
Dionisis Voulgaris (Greece)
Elena Pratanou (Greece)
Adalitza Lyzbany Pinnet (Honduras)
Anayhansy Reyes (Honduras)
Lidya Calix (Honduras)
Sakura Mirawaty Widodo (Indonesia)
Filippo Rota (Italy)
Ileana Pretotto (Italy)
Monica Muscato (Italy)
Daniele Tarini (Italy)
Paola Castro (Italy)
Annamaria Delitala (Italy)
Gabriele Cespuglio (Italy)
Matteo Masciello (Italy)
Jun Otahara (Japan)
Nobuaki Negishi (Japan)
Ryoko Miwa (Japan)
Adriana Martinez (Mexico)
Bastiaan Ordelmans (the Netherlands)
Evert Meulie (the Netherlands)
Mark Leach (New Zealand)
Unni Fredheim (Norway)
Alberto Esteban Villalba (Paraguay)
Andre van Reenen (South Africa)
David Harrower (South Africa)
Kote Trapaidze (Georgia)
Paloma Perez (Spain)
Otto Dandenell (Sweden)
Sandy Eggli (Switzerland)
Sibylle FlΓΌck (Switzerland)
Adrien Beck (Switzerland)
Judy Wyss (Switzerland)
Sayumporn Sirivivatpaitoon (Thailand)
Siamrath Kaimlainak (Thailand)
Sofia Douaihi (Venezuela)
Elvia Pinto (Venezuela)


8 Responses to “AFS 89-90 Greater Kansas City Area, USA

  • Lidya Calix
    4 years ago

    hello I went todo Kansas City area . I spent muy time with a Blue Spring’s family Bit I don’t ser muy name. Maybe ’cause I returned before todo my country Honduras.

    • Hi Lidya!

      Nice to see you here! The list on my page I compiled from the AFS yearbook, so anyone who returned premature (like the other Dutch guy who was there) isn’t listed, unfortunately. I’ll add you right away though πŸ™‚

  • Mari Uusinoka
    7 years ago


  • Dalia Mahfouz
    9 years ago

    I could not believe seeing my name on this missing persons list loollll …wow loong time and i am very happy to be intouch with all of you guys πŸ™‚


  • Annamaria delitala
    9 years ago

    Hello, i just found you and here am i…. From sardinia.

  • Kristy Nice
    10 years ago

    Hi, I know Kym Lowery from Aus, her email address is [known by me]

    • Thank you so much! πŸ™‚

      I have emailed her straight away. I have removed her email address from your comment to keep down the amount of spam she receives… πŸ˜‰

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