How do I check whether my site has been hacked?

The last thing anyone wants to hear about their website is: ‘Has your site been hacked? It looks/behaves weird…’ Unfortunately,...

first sunset of 2020

First sunset of 2020

Facebook Social Media

Social media dependency – an experiment

People are getting more and more dependent on social media, like Facebook. A minority(?) is downright addicted to social media,...


the Final sunset

The final sunset of 2018. I’m looking forward to 2019, and I hope it will be a good/better year.

…and another!

‘Tis the season to be jolly… Well, not according to ‘Kamden Creger’, who decided to send me this email (on...

Tom Clancy, Robin Cook, Michael Crichton, Ken Follett

Tom, Michael, Ken & Robin

Yeah, I know it probably doesn’t have the same ring to it as John, Paul, George & Ringo used to...

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