Jul 222015

Lee PaceKevin Durand
When watching The Strain I was wondering… ‘The actor who plays Vasiliy Fet, isn’t that… what’s-his-name from Halt and Catch Fire?’
Turns out it isn’t.
Vasiliy Fet is portrayed by Kevin Durand, whereas Joe MacMillan is portrayed by Lee Pace. There is some similarity though. Must be a bushy-eyebrow thing… 😉

Mar 222015

OnePlus OneSince the battery of my current phone (Nexus 4 running Cyanogenmod 12) isn’t lasting as long as it used to, I’m considering getting myself a new phone.
Needless to say it will have to be bigger, better, faster, and last longer on a battery charge. And… I don’t want to spend a small fortune on it.
And this is where many high-end phones get disqualified: the Samsung Galaxy S6 (Edge), the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, the Google Nexus 6, the Nokia Lumia 1520, and of course the iPhone 6 (Plus).

What remains? Well, that would be the OnePlus One. Similar quality and specs to most of the above-mentioned phones, but… cheap!

‘There must be a catch’, you might say. Well, actually there are a few minor ones if I compare the One with the phones mentioned earlier:

  • OnePlus does not ship to Norway (where I live). This can be easily circumvented by having it sent Poste Restante to the nearest post office in Sweden, 30 minutes drive from where I live.
  • OnePlus lets you order on Tuesdays only (unless you have an invite code). A bit quirky, but no major issue for me. It’s Tuesday once a week! 😉
  • The One doesn’t run Windows Phone or iOS (since I mentioned the Lumia 1520 and the iPhone 6). This is no issue at all for me. Quite the contrary!

A little price comparison between the phones I’ve mentioned so far:
(prices are cheapest availablein Sweden, according to Prisjakt, for a 64GB model):

phone modelcost in SEK(US$)
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge94901101
Apple iPhone 6 Plus8180949
Samsung Galaxy S67990927
Apple iPhone 67250841
Google Nexus 65990695
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (32GB!)5791672
Nokia Lumia 1520 (32GB!)4999580
OnePlus One2849331

Can you do the math? I sure can… 😉

According to the Laptop Mag Battery Test 2015 the One has excellent battery life, only to be surpassed by the mid-range Huawei Ascend Mate 2.

Mar 172015

World of SpectrumYes, but only temporarily.
Martijn has informed me the server died less than a week ago (perhaps on Friday the 13th?).

Don’t dispair though. World of Spectrum has been around for 20 years, and a simple server-death won’t be the end of this magnificent project. Work is under way to revive the site in a couple of days.

So… Be patient. In the mean time you can access most of the file archive on http://wos.meulie.net/ , or perhaps read some magazines.

UPDATE March 18th: The site is partially up again, although the files aren’t accessible yet via their file archive.
UPDATE March 20th: http://www.worldofspectrum.org/ is 100% up again, including their file archive! 😎

Jan 252015

When I got a new desktop computer I ran into issues with DisplayPort. My screens worked just fine (even in UHD, albeit at only 30Hz.) with the DVI cables, but when I’d hook them up with DisplayPort cables, I’d get a ‘No signal’. For some reason this only occurred with 3rd party DP-cables. The cable which came with the screen did work, but was too short for my needs.

The 1st set of 3rd party cables I returned because I thought they were defective. As replacement I ordered 2 different DP-cables. When both of those didn’t work for me either, I resorted to Google for answers. And that’s how I found the solution: Unplug your screens for a minute from the mains! (Merely turning them off/on won’t do the trick. Apparently there one/more capacitor(s) need to fully discharge.

Since I don’t want to go through the hassle of physically unplugging my screens between use, I enabled the EcoControl feature on the UPS to which the PC is connected. As soon as it notices the PC (master) is switched off, it cuts the electricity to the screens (slaves).

After I did this I haven’t had any problems any more with my displays.

No guarantee this will work for you if you experience ‘no signal’, but it’s worth a try 😎

My hardware:

PCDell Alienware Area-51 R2
displayAOC U2868PQU
UPSEaton Ellipse ECO 1200 DIN

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