Back in Business!

When I wrote Finishing a chapter, back in 2017, I did not expect in my wildest dreams it would take me almost 5 years to start the next chapter, but unfortunately it did… But, as of today, I’m back in business! 😊I’ve started a new job, with the IT operations staff at Arkiv Øst. This …

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How do I check whether my site has been hacked?

The last thing anyone wants to hear about their website is: ‘Has your site been hacked? It looks/behaves weird…’Unfortunately, there are plenty of hackers out there, and even more easy targets for hackers. All it takes is someone using an easy-to-guess password, an outdated/insecure web platform, a default password that never got changed, known bugs, …

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…and another!

‘Tis the season to be jolly… Well, not according to ‘Kamden Creger’, who decided to send me this email (on one of my former email addresses), with the subject ‘keep calm’: Hi I run a forum in the darknet, I sell all kinds of services – above all it is demolition to property and harm. …

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