Spb Benchmark results

Spb BenchmarkSpb Benchmark, although not optimized for the latest Pocket PC’s, still is the de-facto standard for benchmarking Pocket PC’s and Smartphones.
Recently I have come across quite some benchmark results here and there, but there does not seem to be one place where they are all gathered. I intend to provide that place 😉

The results mentioned here were not measured by me. I just collected it from various sources. If you have any additions/corrections, please email them to me.

deviceCPU indexFile system indexGraphics indexPlatform indexActiveSync indexBenchmark index
Asus MyPal A620 (400 Mhz)1858.101092.004034.001277.01458.001573.00
ASUS P750 (520 Mhz)2143.53348.884173.884214.58781.70
Compaq iPAQ 3600 series (206 Mhz)1000.001000.001000.001000.01000.001000.00
Dell Axim X5 Advanced (400 Mhz)912.00855.00434.00629.01518.00752.00
Dell Axim X51v (624 Mhz)1982.80144.90619.20421.2340.90
Fujitsu-Siemens Pocket LOOX 610BT/WLAN (400 Mhz)1812.701175.003943.001341.01775.001610.00
E-TEN InfoTouch M600 (400 Mhz)1501.20170.102904.30483.6406.90
E-TEN Glofiish X500 (400 Mhz)1470.00158.002970.00311.0382.00
E-TEN Glofiish X500+ (400 Mhz)1430.00169.00190.502706.00370.00
E-TEN Glofiish X800 (500 Mhz)1595.66155.90295.783706.44323.01
Gigabyte g-Smart i350 (520 Mhz)1898.53449.694165.2011158.59918.78
HP iPAQ 2215 (400 Mhz)1784.001126.00567.001204.02155.001146.00
HTC Kaiser 110 (AT&T Tilt 8900)1548.00174.003480.00417.00
HTC Touch P3450 (201 Mhz)355.24124.152964.422173.34249.24
HTC Touch Cruise / Polaris / P3650 (400 Mhz)1567.00171.003485.004902.05412.00
i-Mate JasJar (520 Mhz)1848.20138.80217.30328.4285.70
MiTAC Mio 558 Digi-Walker (400 Mhz1748.00490.00548.00624.01484.00774.00
MiTAC Mio A702 Digi-Walker (201 Mhz)984.80121.32515.275011.26268.87
Toshiba e400 (300 Mhz)1302.00785.001445.00986.01237.001051.00
Toshiba e755 (400 Mhz)1844.001144.00692.001097.02372.001235.00
Palm Treo 700w (312 Mhz)1255.9090.371739.50265.5228.50

(I was wondering… Since smartphones like the X800 have a 640×480 resolution instead of 320×240, perhaps the Graphics Index value for those units should be multiplied by 4 to compensate?)

About Spb Benchmark (from the Spb website):
‘Spb Benchmark is a tool for measuring Pocket PC device performance. Spb Benchmark measures various aspects of Pocket PC device productivity and speed, such as:

  • Processor speed
  • Memory Bus speed
  • Screen and graphics speed
  • Battery lifetime
  • Storage card read/write speed

Unlike other benchmark applications for Pocket PC, Spb Benchmark also carries out some tests that could be more informative for an average user:

  • Pocket Word, Pocket Internet Explorer and File Explorer performance tests
  • JPEG file opening
  • Audio (mp3) and video (avi) performance

The results of the tests carried out by Spb Benchmark include the time it took to carry out a test, speed (for data write tests) and comparison to Compaq iPaq 3650.’

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