Memira – nobody home…?

Well, yesterday’s round 2 at Memira (in Oslo) went fine, as far as I can tell. I’m not getting my hopes up yet, as I know from the first round that it takes about 1 week to ‘settle’, but currently I do see better than before round 2.

But… today I was scheduled for a checkup at Memira Fredrikstad. I arrived right on time, only to find their offices dark and the door locked! 🙁
After some calling around I was told by Memira Trondheim(!) that the Fredrikstad office was closed today… Yes, she did see I had an appointment there today… No, she did not know why it had been scheduled on this day and why no one had contacted me. All very, very useful… NOT!

I have emailed their customer support and SMS’ed the optometrist I had the appointment with, but no reply whatsoever as of yet… 🙄

Update: Well, at 2pm I got a call from their customer centre with many, many apologies… I now have a new appointment for tomorrow, 6 pm. (let them put in some extra time to accommodate me this time!) 😎

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