Memira – round 2

Tomorrow, about 3.5 months after my first procedure, I will begin another round at Memira.
My first round there did not result in the good/perfect vision I had hoped for. I knew this chance existed right from the start, as Memira clearly informs about it. They state that 5-10% of the people need an additional (free-of-charge) correction a couple of months after the first treatment.
And of course I, someone who never gets lucky in lotteries etc., do get ‘lucky’ here and am part of that 5-10%… ūüôĄ

Luckily it’s only 1 of my eyes which need correcting, so that should make it a little easier for me.
A minor PITA is that I have to go to Memira Oslo this time. It seems they have better equipment and expertise. (hmm, makes me wonder… What if I had had my first treatment in Oslo… Would I still have needed this 2nd round as well…?)
The checks are in Fredrikstad, so only 1 trip to Oslo is needed.

3 steps coming up:

  • Aug 3rd: ‘Pre-flight check’, to see if my eye sight has fully stabilized after the first round. This is a must for further treatment.
  • Aug 9th: The actual ‘boil my eyeball’ procedure. I get to enjoy the stench of my own eyeball burning again ūüėé
  • Aug 10th: ‘Debriefing’, where they will verify all went well.

I hope that after this I finally get to enjoy something close to 20/20 vision, because I am getting a little tired of my ‘Summer of Blurrr‘… ūüėź

(It will also allow me to finally take the theory test for my driver’s license since they take an eye test there.)


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