Inheritance scam letter in the postal mail

When I returned from holidays yesterday I was surprised to find a blank envelope with a postal stamp from Lisbon, Portugal in my postal mail since I do not know anyone in Portugal.
When I opened it, it contained a letter with the letterhead Prades Asociado, supposedly from a Spanish(!) law firm. The letter was addressed to Meulie Evert (instead of Evert Meulie) and was supposedly from Barrister Jose Grande. (a quick Google has shown me that there is a law firm named Prades Asociados Spain , and that they do employ someone named Jose Grande.)

I will include the entire text here so that people who receive similar letters can easily find this posting/warning with Google:

Dear Meulìe Evert,
My names are Barrister Jose Grande and I work with Prades Asociados Spain. Actually, I got your contact information through the Norway public records while searching for a last name similar to my late client’s a business magnate by name William Evert, who lived in Spain for over a decade prior to his death, he died along with his nuclear family during the Tsunami catastrophe, which occurred December 2004.
Prior to my explaining further, I must first make an apology for this unsolicited mail to you. I am conscious that this is certainly not a predictable way of approach to foster a relationship of trust but because of the circumstances and urgency surrounding this claim.
Before the catastrophe; He deposited One Trunk Box/Diplomatic Personal Treasure, containing the sum of $10.8M TEN MILLION, EIGHT HUNDRED THOUSAND US DOLLARS) with a Safe Security Company here in Spain, because of security and personal reasons he did not disclose the exact content of deposited diplomatic box to the SAFE house. As the attomey to late William Evert, the security company has mandated me to present a member of his family (heir/inheritor) to make Claims or the vault will be confiscated and taken to the Bureau of Diplomatic Security as unclaimed.
After exhaustive efforts of search for a direct family member to my late client which came to no avail, I was given an ultimatum to look for some relative to come for the claim or have the Vault liquidated and made unserviceable in accordance with existing laws.
Against this backdrop, my suggestion to you is that I will like you to stand as the next of kin. I know you may not be anyway related to my late client but having a common surname with him and the modality I have in place I can guarantee that if you follow my instructions (The rule of laws) and capitalizing of some judicial loop holes the vault will be release to us.
Mind you that this transaction is 100% risk free; there is no atom of risk connected to this business as I have worked out all modalities to complete the operation effectively. Once the consignment (vault) is released to you, we shall divide the content in the ratio of 50% for you, 50% for me as our benefit. (S 5.4 Million each)
Kindly indicate your responses to this mail either via my office email address, my private email address, you can also call or send me a fax for further clarification. Please be kind to get back to me if you are not willing to collaborate with me so that I can further my search for another partner.
Kind Regards,
José Grande Egüez. (ESQ.)

Why I am sure this is a scam? Hmm… Where do I start…

  • the letterhead says Prades Asociado while the real firm is named Prades Asociados…
  • Spanish companies do not transport their postal mail first to Portugal and mail it from there…
  • Evert is not my last name, but my first name, so I am in no way related to anyone with the surname Evert…
  • The real Jose Grande practices Maritime Law. I don’t think the Tsunami disaster, no matter how wet everything and everyone got, counts as maritime… 😎
  • The entire letter is written in absolutely horrible English, and reeks of Google Translate and/or Altavista Babel Fish.

What next? I have reported the letter to the Norwegian Police, and I encourage anyone else who receives a letter like this to also report it to the authorities.


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  1. Yes I agree. I also received a letter from Barrister Luis Romero in Spain. When I spoke with the second Romero their voices are not the same. The first voice sounds like an African the second is real Spainese . Yes usually Scammers written English is full of shit. I even request the first caller to go on Skype Video, he refuses giving all sorts of non sensical excuses. Ha ha this days Scammers find it hard to Scam I almost Scam him instead.

  2. I have received exactly the same as you. They must think I’m stupid. I live in Italy and I’m quite sure the police here wouldn’t bat an eyelid if I reported it. Maybe I should contact the police in Madrid.They’re obviously trying to collect money that doesn’t belong to them or get my bank account number. I didn’t believe them for one instant.They must think we have straw between our ears.

  3. I have received two letters and an e-mail from these fraudulent people. I completely ignored the first one. I then got an e-mail which I also ignored and I now have received the second letter. I live in Italy. Can anyone advise me what i should do about it? I’m sure that the Italian police will do nothing if I report it. Should I contact the police in Madrid?

  4. I got a letter from Luis Romero Lawyers Spain saying an x pat with my name died leaving me 9 million
    pounds !!!! he must think I am Mr G. Ullible. Phoned 101 non emergency (police} they didn’t want to know. Told me to phone citizens advice.

  5. I too just got a letter from them today which is the 12/06/15 and they sent it on 1/06/15 from someone called Manuel Antonio searched that name comes but with a place or location in Portugal with a Sum of 6.9Mills. I thought I’ll do research and saw this so Thanks for the heads up

  6. Surprise!, I always check when it’s to good to be true; although we did have this really happen with almost 2 million dollars. I must say though, they only offered me 6.5 , not as much as you lucky ppl

  7. I received 2 copies in the same envelope today from ‘Barrister Louis Jean- Baptiste, one to myself and one to both my husband and I. Quote from the first paragraph ‘this is by its nature as being utterly confidential and top secret’ What a crock of shite you scamming lowlifes!!! HAHA, off to drop it at the local police station tomorrow

  8. I received this letter in the mail June 19, 2014. The only difference was that it has a different lawyer, by the name of “Davies Michael Abogados” The letter stated that I have $8.6 million waiting for me and that I have to contact this lawyer back as soon as possible and he will get in contact with me as soon as he comes back from an assignment in the UK. This is a FRAUD, WAKE UP! Don’t fall for this scheme.

    1. Abogados, Yes, yesterday I received a letter from Martin Leon Abogados telling me that $6.8M was deposited with a Safe Security Company in Spain by ‘a next of kin’ . If I could pleas email him.
      the Letter was mailed in the UK. Scam indeed!

  9. Marie Robshaw

    Hey, we are lucky, four members of our family got letters (all in the phone book) how can people waste so much money on postage?? love the stamp by the way thanks.

  10. Lynda Ingham

    My mum is 82 years old and received one of these letters last week address to my late father who passed away in 1988! you can image my concern. I will be reporting this to the local police, my MP and the local news. My mum is an active member of the WRENs association and she will be making sure a note goes in there new letters.

    These people need to be stopped.

    Lynda Ingham.

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