Done with LASIK

Over a year ago I decided to check out laser eye surgery. What I initially heard and read about it was all very positive, so I went for it. On April 29th, 2010 I got my eyes lasered at Memira in Fredrikstad. This first treatment didn’t give me 100% sharp vision on both eyes, so in august and september 2010 I returned to have each eye lasered a 2nd time.
After all of this I still wasn’t at 100% sharp vision. Only right after an eye-drop in each eye I did experience ultra-sharp vision for a matter of seconds.

In november the cause of this all surfaced: some scarring in the eye.
It’s unclear to me whether they’d have given the ‘go-ahead’ to the procedure if they’d noticed the scarring during the initial examination. I’m also still a bit baffled why this scarring wasn’t noticed during the initial, and any of the subsequent check-ups.

Today I got the final word… Something I’d actually been expecting more or less already… ‘Your eyes are as good as they will get. We can’t make your eyesight any better than this‘.

In case you wonder:
Would I have done it, if I had known this all in advance? Yes… Even though I’m not at 100%, the treatment has definitely improved my ‘quality of life’ as it’s called.
If I could so it all over, would I have done it at Memira, or elsewhere? Memira! They’re a group of professional, friendly people. From the first welcoming smile from Svein Tindlind in april 2010 to the last charming smile from Benedicte Teien Jarem earlier today, the entire process has been relaxed, well-informed, and 100% pain free. (yes, it is true! You don’t feel a thing when that laser ‘pokes’ in your eye. However, you do smell it… :wink:)
Would I recommend it to others? Sure, but be sure the initial exam is a thorough one. Perhaps ask for a second opinion if there’s even the slightest doubt about the tiniest thing. Better safe than sorry… (to repeat: I am not sorry!)

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