I can see clearly now…

To quote our good friend Leendert (Leen) Huijzer (aka Lee Towers) ‘I can see clearly now!’!

Yes, last Thursday was the day of my laser eye surgery! The good people at Memira Fredrikstad made the entire procedure a totally painless and quite pleasant experience.
Granted there was some slight discomfort during, and right after the procedure, but the dentist is 100x worse!

On arrival patient coordinator Mona Johnsen went through the entire procedure with me in a professional yet easygoing way. Since I had read on their site and Google’d the procedure as well she did not have much new to add but it was still good to have it all summed up.
She also offered me a valium which I did not turn down! 😉
After that, I had to wait for about 5 minutes (while enjoying a cup of coffee) and then it was my turn already. Surgeon Petter Pettersen and his assistant let me take place on the ‘operating table’. The entire procedure probably took less than 5 minutes and is hard to describe since I did not see all that much. I know this sounds weird since I was 100% conscious (only my eyeballs were sedated), but the only thing I do really remember was the burning smell when the laser was active on my eyeballs… 😎
Yes, that sounds kinda gruesome, but you don’t feel anything so nothing to worry about here.
When that was over I was guided to a ‘quiet room’ where already 2 other patients were relaxing. Here I got to sit for about 30 minutes with my eyes closed before I was examined by Svein Tindlund who declared the entire procedure was a success!
All that remained was setting an appointment for a checkup the next day, and that was it!

Now it is about 2 days later and I have to admit I do not see 100% clear yet… My eyes do need some time to heal completely, but I am glasses-free! The sight is still a bit blurred, and outside I should wear sunglasses, but soon I will be able to see and do everything again without straining and/or blinking non-stop… I can hardly wait! 🙂

2 thoughts on “I can see clearly now…”

  1. First of all congratulations on your sucessful surgery.I would love to be able to see without wearing my glasses but I am just so terrified of putting contact lenses into my eyes let alone have eye surgery…though reading your account of it is comforting. Could you please explain how your eyeballs were sedated?

    1. With a huge needle which they plunge into your eyeball… 😉

      Nah, just kidding… They simply put some drops in your eyes and a few seconds later your eyeballs are completely sedated. 😎

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