Chatroulette, and some of its alternatives

I thought I’d write a little piece on Chatroulette and similar sites.
There are quite some alternative sites when it comes to the concept of Chatroulette.

When it comes to similar/alternative sites, there are quite a few. Here’s some of them, in alphabetical order:

As you can see there are plenty of Chatroulette copies/rip-off’s/similar sites out there. Not all offer the same experience as Chatroulette though. Some are better, most are worse.
Anyway… I am pretty sure that none offers the sheer number of simultaneous online people as Chatroulette does… 😎

10 thoughts on “Chatroulette, and some of its alternatives”

  1. Yes, there is more and more alternative to chatroulette, but the original is clearly the only one worth watching imho =)

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