Aug 242011

Over a year ago I decided to check out laser eye surgery. What I initially heard and read about it was all very positive, so I went for it. On April 29th, 2010 I got my eyes lasered at Memira in Fredrikstad. This first treatment didn’t give me 100% sharp vision on both eyes, so in august and september 2010 I returned to have each eye lasered a 2nd time.
After all of this I still wasn’t at 100% sharp vision. Only right after an eye-drop in each eye I did experience ultra-sharp vision for a matter of seconds.

In november the cause of this all surfaced: some scarring in the eye.
It’s unclear to me whether they’d have given the ‘go-ahead’ to the procedure if they’d noticed the scarring during the initial examination. I’m also still a bit baffled why this scarring wasn’t noticed during the initial, and any of the subsequent check-ups.

Today I got the final word… Something I’d actually been expecting more or less already… ‘Your eyes are as good as they will get. We can’t make your eyesight any better than this‘.

In case you wonder:
Would I have done it, if I had known this all in advance? Yes… Even though I’m not at 100%, the treatment has definitely improved my ‘quality of life’ as it’s called.
If I could so it all over, would I have done it at Memira, or elsewhere? Memira! They’re a group of professional, friendly people. From the first welcoming smile from Svein Tindlind in april 2010 to the last charming smile from Benedicte Teien Jarem earlier today, the entire process has been relaxed, well-informed, and 100% pain free. (yes, it is true! You don’t feel a thing when that laser ‘pokes’ in your eye. However, you do smell it… :wink:)
Would I recommend it to others? Sure, but be sure the initial exam is a thorough one. Perhaps ask for a second opinion if there’s even the slightest doubt about the tiniest thing. Better safe than sorry… (to repeat: I am not sorry!)

Nov 242010

Yesterday I went back to Memira for a more thorough examination (the examination of 2 weeks ago didn’t really give me all the answers).
This time I was scheduled with the ‘big guns': both the ‘fagsjef’ (not sure about the correct translation: I guess ‘chief advisor’ comes closest) and one of their surgeons. It was clear that they want to get to the bottom of this as much as I do. A good thing! :-)

Well, the ‘new’ guy did actually find something: Some scarring in my left eye, most likely caused by toxoplasmosis. This probably happened before I was even born. Up to one third of the world’s human population is estimated to carry a Toxoplasma infection, and I guess my mother is/was part of that group…
Now I know what some of you are thinking: ‘They’re trying to find an excuse for why they’re unable to get my eyes in good shape within a reasonable period‘. That would have been my thought as well, were it not that this is not the 1st time someone mentioned this scarring. Years ago an optician passed me on to a ophthalmologist because of similar suspicions. However, the ophthalmologist was unable to find anything… (This is why I had not mentioned it at Memira).

In the 7 months I have been at Memira several people & computers have analysed my eyes, and none of them have seen this scarring before. And then this ‘new’ guy looks in my eyes with a magnifying glass for a couple of seconds, and he spots it straight away. That bothers me a bit…

The main issue now seems to be that the various machines report I have pretty much 20/20 vision, but my own perception disagrees with them. Since my eyes have been lasered twice now, I was told they need to recover for 18 months before an eventual next procedure.
Personally I don’t think a new procedure will be needed. Whenever I apply eyedrops (Oxyal has been a real lifesaver here!) my vision does get very clear, and laser surgery is known to be a cause of transient dry eyes.

So for now I guess I will just do all I can to make my dry eyes as transient as possible. The following is said to help:

  • Rest your eyes – take a break
  • Wear sunglasses outside
  • Hydrate your eyes when wearing contact lenses
  • Keep eyes and lids clean
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Drink more water – stay hydrated
  • Medication assessment
  • Blink more often
  • Eat more fish
Nov 102010


Earlier this afternoon I had my first real checkup (there is one the day after, but that’s just a quick check to see nothing serious went wrong during the treatment) after my 3rd round of LASIK at Memira.
During this 3rd round, which was on October 18th, my left eye got corrected as well. (It’s still unclear both to me and to some people at Memira why not both eyes were corrected during round 2. I guess a case of miscommunication…)

In my opinion the 3rd treatment had no effect whatsoever: My left eye is still not as good as it should (could?) be, and I still see worse when using only my left eye, or both eyes (compared to using only my right eye.)
However, while I was waiting for the bus to Fredrikstad I noticed something even more disturbing: I see ‘less light’ with my left eye (compared to my right eye)…! :-(
(Everything is noticeable darker when I use only my left eye, compared to when I use only my right eye. Not an extreme difference, but enough for me to notice by just covering an eye with my hand…)

I mentioned this to the optometrist who examined me but she could find no reason for this, nor for the lack of result of round 3 of LASIK. Instead I am now scheduled for appointments with 2 colleagues: an optometrist (Msc.) & a surgeon, 2 weeks from now. Let’s hope they can shed some light (no pun intended, unfortunately) on my eye-sight… :roll:

Sep 202010

(saga as in ‘long epic story’…)

Since it’s now about a month after round 2, it was time for another checkup at Memira in Fredrikstad.

For some reason I was not met by my regular optometrist, but by another one. Not that I care, as long as they know what they’re doing… 😎
She read my file and I explained the current status (‘I see better with just my right eye than I do when using both eyes), and the first thing she asked was why I didn’t have both eyes done at round 2…
To which my reply was of course: ‘That wasn’t my decision, but yours…’
She’d check up with my ‘regular guy’ to find out why that had been decided, but she did agree that currently my left eye isn’t working the way it should and probably should have been treated during round 2 as well…
(She did not, however, measure the current strength at which my eyes are. Don’t know why… Wouldn’t that be an accurate way to determine why my current eyesight isn’t optimal?)

I guess/fear the next step will be a ’round 3′, and yet another visit to Oslo… I hope not though, because it will take me at least half a day (more likely a whole one).

I know their brochure mentions 5-10% needs a 2nd treatment, but it doesn’t say anything about that 2nd treatment being spread out over 2 sub-treatments and it being done at a different location…

I can still recommend refractive eye surgery to anyone though. These (minor) inconveniences/ramblings do not weigh up against the major advantage of not needing glasses anymore! 😉

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Jul 012010

I would like to rectify my post I can see clearly now, because I still can’t!
It seems I am one of the unlucky 5-10% who needs a 2nd procedure to get the vision in tiptop shape… :-(

So on August 9th it’s off to Oslo (the clinic in Oslo is better equipped to help me) and hopefully after that I will finally see clear…
I can’t say I’ve been too happy with my vision the last couple of months. I can function in daily life, but everything is unsharp (my left eye is at 0, but my right/dominant eye is at +0.75). I’m looking forward to the day that I can see Jacob 100% clear again…

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