Refractive eye surgery – considering it…

Yesterday I got a brochure in the snail mail from Memira. This company has a chain of clinics all over Scandinavia where they perform both refractive eye surgery and RLE by using methods like LASEK, LASIK & FemtoLASIK/FLIVC. They seem to be doing quite well, with 42 clinics in Scandinavia, and 230,000 treatments (unclear whether that is 230,000 eyes or 230,000 eye-pairs…) completed successfully(?).

I have been thinking about getting rid of my glasses off and on for quite a while. Every now and then I’d come across an ad or a web site about it, but so far they have not been able to convince me… until now perhaps?
After reading the brochure of Memira I checked out their site for additional info, and also emailed them some questions. And of course, I used the research tool of the 21st century: Google! 😉
I was unable to find anything negative about neither Memira nor the methods they use, so if I am satisfied by the answers on the questions I emailed them, I will sign up!

Their brochure does state that about 1 out of 5 people who knock on their doors get turned down because they do not meet the criteria of Memira, or because Memira thinks a treatment will not have the expected result.
I hope/think I am part of the remaining 80%… 😎

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