What just happened here??

Sven Kramer got disqualified on the 10,000 meters because of a small mishap… Sven ended up in the wrong lane, and this meant an automatic disqualification. The fact that he was 5 seconds faster than Lee Seung-Hoon does not matter anymore suddenly…

A dark day in the history of Dutch Olympic Skating… 🙁

At least Bob de Jong managed to secure a bronze medal on this distance for the Netherlands. A small comfort for this sorrow…

6 thoughts on “What just happened here??”

  1. I haven’t actually seen it, but it’s not so confusing to mee…I think these are two completely different thing…to stay in the right lane is one thing, the speed another. Why should he not be disqualified only because he was faster than the Korean guy when he broke the rules? He could have had an advantage because of changing the lanes, and that surely isn’t so fair, is it?

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