Sarpsborg in Google Street View

I was just tipped that Google Street View has now also been here in Sarpsborg, Norway. They haven’t been through my street yet, but they do have a nice shot of my office.

Looks like they were in Sarpsborg in the end of July 2009: this concert was on August 1st.
The time was around 13:30, and it was 27°C outside. 😎


7 Responses to “Sarpsborg in Google Street View

  • They now have rolled out an additional batch of images, so now my house is online as well! 🙂

  • That’s really neat. Google Street view hasn’t come to my area too. But then again I love the idea. Thanks

  • Bookings Hotels
    9 years ago

    Loved the Google Street View! Indeed an amazing way of sharing pictures! Glad it is around, I have no complains about my trusted travel buddy!!

  • Well, I think Google Street View is a very cool way of sharing pictures and see other people’s houses, but it is more like a gadget – a funny application. In Germany we already have seen some Google cars with its eight cams filming the streets – I do not know why it is so bad like some people say.

  • Nice office!

    Can I ask why you have the imperial flag of Japan as your header?

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