Feb 062011

Motorola XoomFinally a tablet PC with the right OS on its way! Rumours say it will hit the USA market on February 24th, but there’s no word whatsoever yet about when it comes to Europe/Norway. (To be honest, there’s no confirmation that it will even come to Europe, but Motorola would be making a big mistake if they weren’t going to release this tablet outside the USA…)

As you may know I have mixed feelings about the current ‘king of tablets’, the iPad. It’s a magnificent piece of hardware, but I do not agree with the Big Brother policies of its manufacturer. Therefor I turned down an offer to get a considerable discount on purchasing one, instead holding out for a worthy Android Tablet. (The Samsung Galaxy Tab is nice, but not quite it. A bit on the small side, among other things)

But it appears the wait is soon over. If the Xoom doesn’t hit the Norwegian market soon, I might just pick one up in the Netherlands the next time I’m there… 😉

Dec 142009

Nokia N900Well, it’s taken me quite a while to make up my mind this time, but now the order has been placed: my next mobile phone will be a Nokia N900.
This phone has been high on my interest list ever since I read the first rumours about it, back in May. The same applies to Android OS phones, but Maemo OS is just a little more open than Android OS. My current good experiences with the Nokia N95 8GB also helped me go for Nokia again.

I ordered mine at Lefdal, since they had a good price and free shipping. (Elkjøp would also have been an option, since they have about the same price. (Coincidentally Lefdal & Elkjøp also happen to have the same owner…)

For protection from the elements I ordered a Qubits case from Amazon UK. Let’s see which arrives first… 😎

Nov 112009

More than a month after I wrote about it I am still not sure…
The Nokia N900 still looks very snappy to me, but I am afraid it will become too much of a niche product…
And now that there are Android units with comparable or even better hardware just around the corner, like the Motorola Milestone (known as Motorola Droid in the USA), the Acer Liquid and the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 (Hands-on video here), I am very tempted to wait a little and see how Maemo is received by the community. Don’t wanna end up with a device that after a few months is as widely supported and developed for as… the Apple Newton? 😎

Oct 012009

A few months ago I wrote a post here about my quest for finding a appropriate replacement for my trusty Nokia N95 8GB. Back then I was pretty much focussed on Android phones. Well, the release of the Samsung Galaxy has been delayed here in Norway by more than a month, so I am still on the lookout.

However, recently another player has entered the market of phone OS’es: Maemo OS. This was originally developed by Nokia for their Internet tablets.

Why does Maemo appeal so much to me? Well, it’s as close as you can get to a fully functional Linux OS-based phone as you can for now. Want root access? No problem! Simply install something like ‘rootsh’ and then all you need to do is type ‘sudo gainroot’ and you’re in! Finally full access to your phone! Try doing that on an Android phone…
Porting software from Linux to Maemo should also be a breeze, lots easier than porting to Android. Therefore I expect

Why I haven’t rushed to the store yet? Well… For starters the one and only Maemo 5 based device, the Nokia N900, is not available yet over here. 😉
Furthermore there are a few minor details I’m not too fond of. The N900 weighs 60 grams more than my current N95. I don’t really see why my next phone should weigh 50% more than my existing phone…
Other issues that make me hesitate:

  • the keyboard looks ok, but could have been better, and perhaps slightly larger
  • the display seems to be easily scratchable
  • some sort of hardware “Home” button quickly switching to the Desktop would be really useful
  • no Java support, even just Java MIDP
  • very limited support for Profiles, only “General” and “Silent”, no possibility to create own profiles, no timed Profiles, etc.
  • no MMS support.

So the Samsung I7500 is not quite off my short-list yet, but it has gotten some serious competition from the Nokia N900!

Jun 222009

Samsung Galaxy I7500As soon as Google announced its Android OS for mobile phones it quite appealed to me.
I’m currently quite happy with my Nokia N95 8GB, but still… 😉

The HTC Magic, currently available over here in Norway is not quite my style though… I prefer my phones to be black! 😉
I also want a phone with at least the specs of my current phone, also when it comes to photo/video capabilities. It looks like the upcoming Samsung I7500 meets most/all of these specs with its 5 megapixel camera. (Not sure about its video recording yet though. The N95 does 640×480, 30 fps. Not many phones available yet which can beat that, even 2 years after the N95 hit the streets.

Although… The HTC Hero looks pretty cool as well, and it has more RAM than the Samsung I7500. (Question is: Does Android need that extra RAM?). It does not have the same nifty AMOLED screen as the I7500 though…

And then there’s of course the rumoured Sony Ericsson XPERIA (aka Rachael) with its 8mp camera.

Hmm.. To be continued! 😎

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