Motorola Xoom coming to Norge

Motorola XoomFinally a tablet PC with the right OS on its way! Rumours say it will hit the USA market on February 24th, but there’s no word whatsoever yet about when it comes to Europe/Norway. (To be honest, there’s no confirmation that it will even come to Europe, but Motorola would be making a big mistake if they weren’t going to release this tablet outside the USA…)

As you may know I have mixed feelings about the current ‘king of tablets’, the iPad. It’s a magnificent piece of hardware, but I do not agree with the Big Brother policies of its manufacturer. Therefore I turned down an offer to get a considerable discount on purchasing one, instead holding out for a worthy Android Tablet. (The Samsung Galaxy Tab is nice, but not quite it. A bit on the small side, among other things)

But it appears the wait is soon over. If the Xoom doesn’t hit the Norwegian market soon, I might just pick one up in the Netherlands the next time I’m there… 😉

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  1. Ah… The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is right around the corner as well. I think I prefer that one, given the good experiences I have with the Samsung Galaxy S phone.

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