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NoteSlateI just stumbled across the Noteslate.
It’s a one color (4 on the special model) tablet with excellent battery life of 180 hours The company is developing a line of $99 slates which come in a variety of two-tone designs. You’ll be able to get a standard white background with a black black text, or 4 different models with black backgrounds and blue, white, green, or red text and pictures.

The company also plans a 4 color version which will show blue, red, green, and white text and drawings on a black background (it’s likely this model will cost more than $99).

The NoteSlate is designed as a digital note-taking device with a eInk display. You can take notes with a stylus and press buttons to save, delete, or view previous screens. The tablet will have a 13 inch, 750×1080 pixel display and weigh 280 grams. Two interesting accessories which are mentioned are a Wi-Fi module (at no extra charge!) and a solar energy backside cover.

At launch, the NoteSlate software will have a limited feature set, allowing you to make drawings and listen to MP3s using headphones (there’s no speaker). Future updates will bring support for reading PDF files and OCR text recognition for converting written notes to plain text.

The overall concept is pretty interesting, but the company says the device won’t actually be available until June, so it’s going to be a little while before you can see whether the NoteSlate can deliver on its promise.

I don’t think it’s a product for me, since I’m not a big fan of writing or drawing, but I have to admit the NoteSlate looks very stylish! 😎

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