Android OS – perhaps time for a new phone?

Samsung Galaxy I7500From the moment Google announced its Android OS for mobile phones it quite appealed to me.
I’m currently quite happy with my Nokia N95 8GB, but still… 😉

The HTC Magic, currently available over here in Norway is not quite my style though… I prefer my phones to be black! 😉
I also want a phone with at least the specs of my current phone, also when it comes to photo/video capabilities. It looks like the upcoming Samsung I7500 meets most/all of these specs with its 5 megapixel camera. (Not sure about its video recording yet though. The N95 does 640×480, 30 fps. Not many phones available yet which can beat that, even 2 years after the N95 hit the streets.

Although… The HTC Hero looks pretty cool as well, and it has more RAM than the Samsung I7500. (Question is: Does Android need that extra RAM?). It does not have the same nifty AMOLED screen as the I7500 though…

And then there’s of course the rumoured Sony Ericsson XPERIA (aka Rachael) with its 8mp camera.

Hmm.. To be continued! 😎

4 thoughts on “Android OS – perhaps time for a new phone?”

  1. hi there, cuz i saw a NETCOM ads on the internet, guessing the HTC HERO is availiable, im wondering, is there any real stock in shop or still have to wait till August? cuz i dont understand the language on the website..

  2. im with I7500 , added 32g card and now its the perfect phone ive ever had. The only minus is that it got just 128 ram , would be better if the phone had more.

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