Hairy Chest shirt

Hairy Chest shirtAnyone who knows me in person knows I’m a T-shirt nut – It’s all I wear, year round (which seems to be kinda weird for someone who lives in a country where it can get easily get negative °F (aka below -18 °C) in the winter). Over the years I have built up quite a collection, but the following shirt is not part of it yet:

Hairy Chest Shirt 🙂 –>

I came across this post by Cali Lewis, about t-shirts that didn’t make it on her GeekBrief show (yet?). The other shirts mentioned there are nothing new/special, but the Hairy Chest one is simply hilarious! I am seriously considering getting one, although I doubt whether my partner and/or my boss would let me wear it at home and/or at the office… 😉

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