Concentration camp ‘reviews’ on Google+…

Hoeryong concentration camp on Google+Camp 22 (also called Hoeryong concentration camp or Haengyong concentration camp) is a political prison camp in North Korea. The official name is Kwan-li-so (penal labor colony) No. 22. The camp is a maximum security area, completely isolated from the outside world. Prisoners and their families are held in lifelong detention.

That places like these still exist in our modern world is appalling enough. But what I absolutely can’t understand is why Google allows people to add reviews to this place on its Google+ page.
I’m pretty sure that if someone would post a ‘funny’ review like these on the Google+-page of Auschwitz II – Birkenau or Dachau it would be removed promptly and/or legal action would be taken.

So why not show at least the same amount of respect/common sense for this active concentration camp as we show for the ones that were shut down >65 years ago?

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  1. Ah, good news! It looks like Google has removed the page from Google+. Thank you, Google, for doing the morally right thing! 🙂

  2. This video courtesy of LiNK shows Shin Dong-hyuk sharing his harrowing ordeal. What’s interesting to me, and something that I never knew, was that people in these concentration camps in North Korea often don’t even know who Kim Jong-Il (or his son) is. They are strictly forced to work and aren’t schooled in the traditional North Korea way and literally know nothing about the outside world unless they came to the concentration camp later in life.

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