Office 365 Small Business – Exchange migration. Hidden well…

Just spent 30 minutes on the phone with Microsoft support to figure out how one migrates (a crappy term to begin with. It suggests moving from one place to another. In reality it’s more of a 1-way sync) email accounts from an Exchange server to the mailboxes that come with Office 365 Small Business.

As you can see there’s no mention of Exchange or Migration when you sign in:

The trick is as follows:
* Click on Outlook, thereby starting the Outlook Web App (OWA).

  • Edit the URL. Remove the part that starts with /owa and replace it with /ecp. Example:[something] becomes
  • Press ‘Enter’ and… voilà! There’s your Exchange admin center, with the option to create migration batches.

Why hide it like this? Who knows…? Microsoft Moves in a Mysterious Way

Update: It appears Microsoft has changed their URL-scheme. You still first go to the Outlook Web App, but from there you can go to to access the Exchange Control Panel for Office 365.

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