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De Telegraaf. January 9th, 2013
De Telegraaf. January 9th, 2013
Apparently today was a slow news day in the Netherlands. That, and Queen Beatrix turns 75 at the end of the month.
Result: A summary of a web log post I made in 2010, and the accompanying photo of me shaking hands with the Queen on print in 600 000+ copies. 😎

Because of the renewed attention I’ve taken the time to collect names of all people on the photo. They are, from left to right: Major-general Henk Morsink (adjutant general), Martine van Loon-Labouchère (1st lady-in-waiting), Marco Hennis, Maxime Verhagen (Minister of Foreign Affairs), and me.
My mother identified some of them for me, and Mr. Hennis got identified by Mr. Verhagen! 😎

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