Another Euroflorist fail…

Euroflorist has been written about before here, back in February 2010. I wrote a post about the huge price differences depending on on which site orders were placed, and not the delivery location, as you might expect…

Based on that I decided to use Euroflorist Nederland when I had to order a bouquet yesterday for delivery in Norway.
I picked the Pink Bouquet, a bouquet made up of roses and santini(?). (Only the Dutch description mentions these specific flowers. In English it just says bouquet in pink.)
Most bouquets at Euroflorist come in mini, medium and maxi (the image always shows the medium version). Based on the photo I choose the medium size (‘excellent choice, size as displayed on the photo‘, according to the Dutch text). I placed the order yesterday on the 13th, with as delivery date also that same day.

I didn’t actually expect it would be delivered on that same day, but it was! Kudos for that, Euroflorist! 🙂

However… the next day I received a photo from the ‘medium’ bouquet.
On the left you see the bouquet as advertised by Euroflorist (click on the thumbnail for a larger version). On the right you see a photo of the bouquet that was actually delivered. I do admit the light conditions on the photo aren’t ideal, but it is clear this bouquet does not contain the same amount of flowers. Euroflorist has at least 4 roses on their photo, the actual bouquet contained only 1 rose.
(There should have been at the very least 2 since the ad mentioned ‘roses’ (plural). Makes you wonder how many roses the mini version would have contained…? 0…?).

I contacted Euroflorist about this difference between the advertised/pictured product, and the product actually provided, and received the following reply (translated from Dutch):

We apologize for the inconvenience.
We have shown your photo to our in-house florist and they indicate that the correct value has been delivered.
Flowers abroad are a lot more expensive than they are in the Netherlands. We’re also approaching the Christmas period and that makes flowers more expensive anyway.
Again we apologize for the inconvenience.

I’m sure they’re right when it comes to the prices of the flowers here, but why should the recipient and sender of the flowers be the victim of this? The site makes no mention whatsoever of fluctuations in size because of location or season. IMHO Euroflorist should either clearly mention this, or cover the costs for this themselves.

Well, to me it’s clear. I’ll take my business elsewhere the next time. I will not do my shopping at companies who expect their customers (unasked!) to bear the increase in cost of raw materials. If the costs of these materials go up, you increase the price of the product, you don’t make the product smaller…!

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  1. Hi Evert,

    First of all we apologize for the incorrect handling of your order, naturally we strive hard to make sure these kinds of problems never occur. And while it is true that the price for flowers go up around Christmas this should of course, as you write, never be on expense of the customer. I have raised the issue and spoken to all involved parties and will work to improve our internal as well as our external communication.

    Is there anything I can do for you right now? If yes, please let me know and I will be right on it.


    Frida, EuroFlorist.

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