Flowers in Norway are expensive… but only for Norwegians!

After seeing TV2 hjelper deg (TV2 helps you, a popular consumer program) doing a comparison on the prices and quality of online flower stores here in Norway, I decided to do a little experiment and compare some prices as well.

I decided to stick to the TV2 test winner, Euroflorist, and compare, & All sites are basically identical, just in different languages. They all advertise on their front page for something called the ‘Ultimate love collection’, probably because Valentine’s day is coming up.

I selected the Red Tulips, in the large version: Dutch site, Swedish site & Norwegian site.
On the Swedish & Dutch sites I indicated that I wanted my order to be delivered in Norway.

This gives me the following prices:

Red Tulips - Largeshippingtotaltotal in NOK
Euroflorist.NONOK 600NOK 120NOK 720NOK 720
Euroflorist.SESEK 495SEK 165SEK 660NOK 529
Euroflorist.NL€ 29,95€ 17,75€ 47,70NOK 391

Quite a price difference! Ordering via saves about NOK 200, and ordering via gives you almost half the price of ordering via the Norwegian site!

Since all sites also give the option to display the contents in English, it should be relatively easy for a Norwegian to order flowers via the Dutch site. Even if English would be a problem, they can use the Swedish site instead. The average Norwegian knows enough Swedish to navigate through that site.

However, what I would do instead, is send an email to [email protected] and ask them what the [bleep] is going on here…
(And before someone suggests that flowers ordered at are actually shipped all the way from the Netherlands… I do not think so! 😎 )

It is common knowledge that flowers are expensive here in Norway. But my math just revealed the real truth: Flowers are not expensive here in Norway per se… Flowers are expensive for Norwegians!
(yes, there is a difference here…)

So I hereby call out to all Norwegians: Complain! Boycott the Norwegian online flower stores! Do something…!
Don’t put up with these outrageous prices you’re being charged, simply and only because you’re Norwegian, and not Swedish or Dutch! 😉

7 thoughts on “Flowers in Norway are expensive… but only for Norwegians!”

  1. It´s interesting to see how different the prices for the same things are in different countries. Are flowers in stores also that more expensive in Norway? And what about the postage and packing? Wouldn´t it be more expensive if you order our flowers via the dutch site? Do they really deliver flower to Norway if you order them in the Netherlands? That would be interesting to know.

    1. I have tried it out myself. The order I placed via was processed by the local flower store in the town of delivery in Norway (probably the same store who’d process the order if I had placed it via
      The shipping charge for the 2nd bouquet was only €5.75 (instead of €17.75), but probably only because both bouquets were going to the same address in Norway.

  2. Hi again,

    We also believe that it’s about trust and communication, EuroFlorist have professional florists that we trust to make our customers the absolutely best bouquets…
    And, as before said, you can feel that we together with them make sure that you get as much value for your money as possible. But yes, we will of course work on making our international order page better, more understandable and better synchronized.

    We wish you all a great end of this week!


  3. Hi Evert and all,

    Your confusion is understandable, due to our international network we have different fee structures in different countries – but you can feel safe in the fact that we always make sure that you get as much flowers – and value – for your money as possible. The flowers you get for your money always stands in relation to the local price of the flowers.

    We really appreciate your feedback, this is something we need to work on improving – and we have the intention to do so as s soon as possible.
    As far as boycotting the flower delivery services, that’s something we of course hope you won’t do – not only because it’s the industry we’re in, but also because we want you – and the people you care about – to be able to take part of the amazing way that flowers can touch and colorize your life.
    If you have any more questions or need more information, please don’t hesitate to get back to us.

    Kindly /EuroFlorist

    Frida Sandin

    1. Hi Frida & all,

      You are right, of course. Boycotting online flower stores is not the way to go. Instead you should shop around a bit before making your final purchase and, as these numbers show, especially look at having flowers sent from abroad. It seems/is illogical, but you can save lots of money by doing so…

      And just to be clear: Euroflorist probably just one of the many here. They just happen to be the ‘victim’ of this posting… 😉

  4. Thank you so much for the eye-opener! Omigosh! It really has a huge difference! How did they come up with that? They should support their own people instead of fooling them.. Tsk tsk tsk!

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