Questionable DHL methods…

DHL or, more correctly, their local office here in the Østfold area, seems to have questionable record keeping methods when it comes to registration of delivery of packages…

A couple of days ago I had placed an order at Amazon US for a certain product. This would be shipped to me via DHL.
People who know me can guess that I checked the tracking page several times a day as soon as I’d received my tracking number. Not because I was in a hurry to receive the item, but just because I like to keep tabs on that kind of thing, and simply because I can! 😎

Well, this morning I finally spotted the With delivery courier, usually the last step before they ring your door bell and hand you the package. At 4:30pm we received a phone call from a local delivery firm who were wondering whether we were at home. We confirmed that.

Great was my surprise when I checked the tracking information 10 minutes later: according to it the package had been delivered less than 5 minutes after the phone call, and delivery had been signed for! (see below)

Well… Not here, and not by me! 😯

Around 5:30pm I got in touch with both Amazon & DHL, determined to get to the bottom of this. Amazon replied quickly and correctly to my email (as always), and would check with DHL as well.

DHL has not gotten back to me yet, most likely because my complaint went to their Norwegian office, and business hours end at 4pm in this country. I really hope they do bother to look into this case, and understand the seriousness of it.
(If they need any more information to do so, I’m happy to provide such info)

Eventually the package was delivered just before 8pm. Unfortunately I wasn’t the one to answer the door, so I have not been able to question the courier about this whole situation…

(In retrospect I suspect this local delivery firm works on some kind of commission, and they make more money if the package was delivered before 5pm. That is all good and well, but that does not allow them to forge a signature. Forging signatures is illegal, also in Norway.)
Forged delivery notice

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