New system – at last…

I know I already mentioned this last September, but I have now finally ordered all the components to replace/upgrade my little Linux server. The final component list is as follows:

CPUIntel Q9400S
CabinetAntec Mini P180 black
HDDSamsung Spinpoint F1 1TB x4
CPU coolerOCZ Vendetta 2
PSUCorsair VX 450W
MotherboardASUS P5Q-VM
RAMGEIL Black Dragon 8GB (4 x 2GB) DDR2 PC2 6400 800Mhz 5-5-5-15 /8-Layer PCB with LED Retail
DVD-R/WSony Nec Optiarc DVD+-R/ RW/ DL AD-7220S-0B SATA +22X8X12X -22X6X12X BULK BLACK

The parts could arrive as early as tomorrow, so hopefully I get some time this weekend. And I also still have to make the final choice between KVM, VirtualBox & VMware… Most likely I go for KVM + virt-manager. I guess I will pay a last visit to the Virtual Machine forums to double-check my facts.

5 thoughts on “New system – at last…”

  1. My board is running fine, so far… I’m currently not checking any NB temps (I guess I can see them in BIOS?), only CPU & HD.
    HD’s hover nicely between 27-31C, CPU cores are 31-43C (but 1 core sticks at 45C continuously…)

  2. Hi there
    Found your blog by random, was just wondering if you had any problems with your build?
    I recently built a pc with the same board and ram and suffered regular bsod’s and general system instability issues. Now I just use the 4 GB of ram which is really frustrating!
    Also how are your Northbridge temps? My NB idles at 40 degrees! Had to buy a better NB heat sink which brought it down to 25 degrees.

    1. Yeah I am finding similar temperatures with my CPU and hard disc. I used a 3rd party program to check my Northbridge temperatures, I’m sure you can find one on Linux. To be honest I think vista 64 is my problem. Maybe switching to Linux is a better idea?

        1. Thanks for your help Evert, Think im going to change my rig to a linux system. And may i say well done for keeping a superb blog!


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