Mørkekjøring. Huh? What? Yes, mørkekjøring! 😉

It’s the last step of the ‘trafikalt grunnkurs’, and required for all who want to get a driver’s license here in Norway.
For all of you who are less-than-fluent in Norwegian (and I am sure the majority of the readers is!), mørkekjøring means ‘driving in the dark’. It used to be a required part of driver’s training here in Norway, until they changed the rules a couple of years ago. Nowadays it’s in the beginning of driver’s training, and it’s just a demonstration of driving in the dark (the students no longer do the driving themselves).
And that is what I will be doing tonight: sit in a car with 3 other students and an instructor and experience driving in the dark… and in the snow, since we’ve gotten quite some of that the last couple of days. I think I’ll try to get to Claudius early tonight so I can ride shotgun. 😎

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