And the time is… 1234567890!
Well, at least for those of you who use Unix & Linux (or any other system that has its clock based on number of seconds elapsed since midnight (UTC) January 1st, 1970, not counting leap seconds)

(This is not 100% accurate, since UTC didn’t exist yet back in 1970)

Other milestones on the Unix clock were/will be:

  • 01:46:40 UTC on September 9, 2001, the Unix billennium (Unix time number 1000000000) was celebrated.
  • At 01:58:31 UTC on March 18, 2005, the Unix time number reached 1111111111.
  • At 11:01:20 UTC on July 13, 2012, the Unix time number reaches 0x50000000 (1342177280 seconds).
  • At 03:33:20 UTC on May 18, 2033, the second billennium will be celebrated (Unix time number 2000000000)

Wear something suitable when you celebrate! 😉

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