Dear IKEA…

…who did I piss off to deserve this?
When we visited IKEA earlier today we were quite surprised to come across a product named ‘Evert’. (It’s not all that strange since most of IKEA’s own product bear Swedish first names, and Evert is a common(?) first name in Sweden. There’s even a song by Eddie Meduza…)

But couldn’t they have come up with a better-looking product?? I wouldn’t mind if they’d name some nice chair, bookcase or bed after me… But this thing looks like a barf bucket!

Please, please, please name something nicer after me the next time, Mr. IKEA! 😎

4 thoughts on “Dear IKEA…”

  1. Great article!
    I`ve got same feelings, and probably it`s a bit harder for somebody named Evert in Germany.
    I don´t know anybody here with my wonderful prename.
    And now this happened…

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