Is it really THAT difficult…?

Earlier this evening, around 5:50pm, we drove through the drive-through at the local McDonalds here in Sarpsborg to get ourselves something to eat. I was in the mood for some chicken by-product, so I ordered Chicken McNuggets. I was pleasantly surprised that the voice from the intercom asked what kind of dipping sauce I wanted with the nuggets (usually they forget). We asked for some mustard sauce (IMHO the single tastiest product McDonalds Norway has to offer!).

When we got our food I took a quick look into the bag since we’d gotten only 1 portion of French fries during our previous visit, instead of the 2 we’d ordered. Well, both portions of fries were there so we headed home with the plan to consume the food while watching Two and a Half Men.

I unpacked the bag and… wait a minute… where is my mustard sauce?? Even though they specifically asked what kind of dipping sauce I wanted it was not in the bag!
A little mistake is of course only human, but twice in one week? 100% of our visits?

I think it’s time for us to go elsewhere for fast food… The McDonalds restaurant at the E6 in Sarpsborg is no longer a place where I’d go, certainly not their drive-through!

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