Time to build a new system… :-)

Yup, it’s that time of the year again. I’ll just ignore that the financial situation of this planet is going down the crapper at top speed and will invest a substantial amount of $$$ into a new Linux server. Main requirements:

  • quiet. The box is standing under my desk, and I do not want to be able to hear it.
  • plenty of storage. A couple of 1TB drives should take care of that.
  • failover. The aforementioned drives will be configured as… RAID5? RAID10? Not sure yet…
  • powerful enough to run several VM guests at the same time, so a good quad core CPU & plenty of RAM.

I think I have finally worked out the components line-up:

CPUIntel Q9550
CabinetAntec Mini P180 black
HDDSamsung Spinpoint F1 1TB x4
CPU coolerOCZ Vendetta 2
PSUCorsair VX 450W
MotherboardASUS P5Q-VM
RAMOCZ DDR2 PC2-6400 “P45 Special” Vista Upgrade 16GB Quad Kit
I am sure it will also function with a non-Vista system…

These parts should add up to a pretty cool beast… 😉
The OS will most likely be (Gentoo) Linux with VMware, VirtualBox or KVM. Both the new releases of VMware and VirtualBox look promising, but I still lean towards KVM… Perhaps forums.meulie.net can shed some light on it for me…


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