Mr. Popular

Yup, that’s me! 😉

Well, at least if I base it on the job offers I receive via email: 2-3 each month. Not bad for someone who isn’t actively looking for a job in the first place… 😉

In Norway there are more job vacancies than there are unemployed people, and the IT sector is one of the worst: many job openings, and no one to fill them.
So what to do when your task is to find a new IT person for a job opening which your company has? First of all, you contact NAV, the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Organisation, one of their departments being the National Employment Service. If they can’t help you, you place some ads on sites like Finn & Monster. If that still does not give you any suitable candidates, you start searching online for people who are perhaps not unemployed, but who may still be interested in coming to work for your company.

The fact that I get several serious job offers each month seems to indicate that many companies have to resort to this last option. Especially in Oslo, there are quite a few companies who have come across my resume and would consider me an asset to their workforce.
However, so far none of those companies has made me ‘an offer I can’t refuse‘ yet so I’m still happily working in Moss at my current employer.
Some have gone as far as offering me 30-40% more salary than I make at my current job. A tempting offer, of course… However, a job in Oslo would mean I’d have to get up even earlier than I already do (I get up at 6 am on workdays) and returning home later (currently about 5 pm). Is a vast increase in salary worth leaving the house early, early in the morning, and not returning until it’s evening? Not for me…

So what would a company have to offer me for me to switch jobs, you ask? Well… That is a question I’ve been asking myself as well, and I do not have an answer (yet)…

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  1. I recently went on a gap year to norway and i have many friends there now, i got a job with literally 1 telephone call from the uk, had a telephone interview and started 2 weeks 2 days after i enetered the country, easy as that. Many of my friends there still do not work, it is unbelievable.

  2. It seems that the job market there is in a completely different state to that in many other parts of the world currently. Thanks for the interesting read, keep up the good work.

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