Location, location, location…

Well, I can now finally answer the question I asked myself in an earlier post, about what it would take for me to switch jobs.
The answer turns out to be… location, location, location! Last week I got a job offer from Omnicom AS in Sarpsborg. The offices of this company are located 15 minutes walking from my house. Quite a difference from my current situation where I spend about 3 hours a day between house and office.

I have worked with/for some of the people there before, in my days at Respond AS, back in 2000-2002 and I guess they were satisfied with the work I did back then! 😉

It will be a bit of a switch, from the current Linux-based R&D environment to a Microsoft-based production environment, but that is a challenge I’m up to!

I’ll be starting my new job as ‘IT sjef’ on September 1st.

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