We got one… A Microsoft Xbox 360! 8-)

Xbox 360

Well, Marianne finally convinced/warmed me up enough for our most recent purchase: a Microsoft Xbox 360! We went out on May 2nd and purchased one at Elkjøp here in town.

We also purchased 2 games with the console: Dead or Alive 4 & Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter.

We both have gotten quite addicted to Hexic HD, a puzzle game by the creator of Tetris.

Since then we have added the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion & Colin McRae Rally 04 (a game for the original Xbox, but supported on the Xbox 360) to our collection.

On May 19th, we picked up a Samsung LE-32T51B LCD TV at Expert. We were not quite happy with the sound performance of this model, so we exchanged it for a Sony KLV-S32A10E. This model has far better sound, although I think the Samsung had a better picture…

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