Baby boom!

Well, I don’t know what kind of X-rated reunion of my former employer, Respond AS, I missed out on last summer, but no less than 6 friends/former colleagues of mine are expecting babies in march 2006! 😎

Therefor I would like to wish all the best to:

  • Lill Karin & Lars Jørgen, expecting their 1st.
  • Therese & Birger, expecting their 1st child together.
  • Sabina & Robert, expecting a younger sibling for Adrian.
  • Birger and Felix

    And the ‘winner’ is…

    Felix Colin Lande Patrick, who got sliced out with a ceasarean on february 27th. He’s a healthy little boy of 51 cms and a weight of 4800 grams! 🙂


    On March 13th 2006, little Amadeus was born, son of Sabina & Robert. Weighing a healthy 3940 grams and with a length of 52 cms. Congratulations, Sabina & Robert! 🙂

    On March 15th, Lill Karin 'produced' Ronja Louise Rød Johansen, a lovely daughter of her and Lars Jørgen.

    My congratulations to all of them!

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