Flag of Curaçao


A little while ago I stumbled across a site full of photo’s of Curaçao (the largest island of the Netherlands Antilles). I’ve always felt a connection with this island, even though I have never been there (yet!), simply because it’s where my mother was born and grew up. Her father (my grandfather) was employed at […]

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Crazy Meds

I just came across the web site of Crazy Meds. It is helpful guide to psychiatric medications written by the people who use them, with blunt honesty, more scientific rigor than you’d expect, and a very dark sense of humor. Before you start popping Paxil (or anything else), go to Crazy Meds to check out

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Baby boom!

Well, I don’t know what kind of X-rated reunion of my former employer, Respond AS, I missed out on last summer, but no less than 6 friends/former colleagues of mine are expecting babies in march 2006! 😎 Therefor I would like to wish all the best to: Lill Karin & Lars Jørgen, expecting their 1st.

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