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How to block fake Googlebot clients in NGINX

Lately, some of my websites have had some serious leeching issues with clients pretending to be Googlebot. They send the correct user agent string, ‘Googlebot/2.1 (+’, but they come from IP’s which have not been assigned to Google. This got me thinking… There must be a way to configure NGINX so that it makes sure […]

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Google Currents – enabled!

Move over, Flipboard! Google Currents is here to stay! As of today, both & are also being published via/on Currents. Google Currents is a social magazine application for tablet computers released by Google in December 2011. It is currently available for Android and iOS devices. The application covers a variety of sources and

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Siri for Android

A more proper title would probably be A program with similar/improved functionality to Siri for Android. Actually naming the Android program Siri would get you a wolf pack of Apple lawyers on your hiney so fast that you won’t even have time to ask your Siri-surrogate to locate you the nearest criminal defense lawyer… What

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