Nov 142011

Nissan LEAFYes! Earlier today I went to Brennes Auto here in Sarpsborg and got my spankin’ new Nissan LEAF!
Unfortunately there was major fog outside, so I chose not to take it out for an extended spin, but just to drive home.

Looking forward to tomorrow, when I’ll drive it to my office (located at the INSPIRIA Science Center), and hook it up to one of the charging poles provided for free by Fortum.

Sep 202011

image of purchasing contract Nissan LEAFYup, I’ve just signed a purchasing contract for 1 Nissan LEAF 100% electric vehicle! 😎

We had decided to revisit the local Nissan dealer, Brennes Auto in Sarpsborg, to see if anything more was known about when the Nissan LEAF would be available for sale, or at the very least when a test drive would be possible. During our previous visit, none of that information was available.

The first thing we spotted when entering the showroom was a… LEAF! :-)
Shine and white, but unfortunately not road-ready. We were told that if we’d come back on Saturday, we could take it for a spin.
What we could do (and this is something I’d normally never do!), is sign a purchasing contract to buy a LEAF. Without having taken one for a test drive… without even knowing when the car would be ready to collect. (We were told it would be not before october 8th, and it could take another 6 months for all he knew…)
Well… We are really in need of a car #2, and haven’t really looked/considered any other cars after hearing/reading about the LEAF, so… I signed!

On october 8th they will know more about when the cars actually arrive, and whether I’ll be getting one from that first batch. It all has to do with colors, it seems. Many people have ordered the white one, and there are only so many white ones available in the first shipment. Therefore I decided to go for a less ‘popular’ color, the blue one. This is the color Nissan uses in all of their promotions, and therefore I figured there’s a good chance Nissan will have many available in this color.

Between now and October 8th there’s only 1 thing I can do: start educating my colleagues that parking in front of the Charge & Drive recharging points with a non-electric vehicle is a mortal sin! 😉

Sep 072011

Nissan LEAFEver since I finally passed my driver’s exam last month, every day the question comes up: Which of us gets to take the Prius?
So whether we want it or not, the time has come to start looking at a 2nd car. One that’s cheap in usage, safe and still big enough for 2 adults, 1 child and their cr*p.

A few months ago I first came across the Nissan LEAF. The more I read about it, the more it appeals to me. It’s safe: a NCAP rating of 5. It’s cheap: free charging for electric cars at my office, thanks to Fortum Charge & Drive. And it’s marketed as a 5-seater, so 2 adults + 1 child + cr*p should fit just nicely.

An electric car is the perfect means of transportation for simple home< ->office. Currently it’s only 2.5 kms one way, so a LEAF should get me to and from work every day with a single charge a week. Later this year I am probably moving into another home, increasing my distance to 10.5 kms, but even that is easily manageable by a single charge/week.
In Norway more than 98% of all electricity is generated in hydroelectric plants, so an electric car is truly environmentally friendly here. At least a lot more than in countries where the electricity used to charge the car batteries comes from some polluting coal-powered plant.

The remaining ‘problem’ is now getting my hands on a LEAF. The local Nissan dealer, Brennes Auto in Sarpsborg, does not have them yet and I have not been able to get a date on when they arrive.
I guess I will just keep on contacting them every now and then. Enough to keep my name as a more-than-just-potential customer on their minds, but not that often that I get blacklisted as annoying nagger. 😉

To be continued, I hope 😎

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