Nissan LEAF… I have one! Soon… I hope…

image of purchasing contract Nissan LEAFYup, I’ve just signed a purchasing contract for 1 Nissan LEAF 100% electric vehicle! 😎

We had decided to revisit the local Nissan dealer, Brennes Auto in Sarpsborg, to see if anything more was known about when the Nissan LEAF would be available for sale, or at the very least when a test drive would be possible. During our previous visit, none of that information was available.

The first thing we spotted when entering the showroom was a… LEAF! 🙂
Shine and white, but unfortunately not road-ready. We were told that if we’d come back on Saturday, we could take it for a spin.
What we could do (and this is something I’d normally never do!), is sign a purchasing contract to buy a LEAF. Without having taken one for a test drive… without even knowing when the car would be ready to collect. (We were told it would be not before october 8th, and it could take another 6 months for all he knew…)
Well… We are really in need of a car #2, and haven’t really looked/considered any other cars after hearing/reading about the LEAF, so… I signed!

On october 8th they will know more about when the cars actually arrive, and whether I’ll be getting one from that first batch. It all has to do with colors, it seems. Many people have ordered the white one, and there are only so many white ones available in the first shipment. Therefore I decided to go for a less ‘popular’ color, the blue one. This is the color Nissan uses in all of their promotions, and therefore I figured there’s a good chance Nissan will have many available in this color.

Between now and October 8th there’s only 1 thing I can do: start educating my colleagues that parking in front of the Charge & Drive recharging points with a non-electric vehicle is a mortal sin! 😉

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