Got my LEAF!

Nissan LEAFYes! Earlier today I went to Brennes Auto here in Sarpsborg and got my spankin’ new Nissan LEAF!
Unfortunately there was major fog outside, so I chose not to take it out for an extended spin, but just to drive home.

Looking forward to tomorrow, when I’ll drive it to my office (located at the INSPIRIA Science Center), and hook it up to one of the charging poles provided for free by Fortum.

2 thoughts on “Got my LEAF!”

  1. Wow i never saw on here in.brasil
    this is amazing. Tell me about the.experience and congrats.for yr choice worrying about environment

  2. Hmm, there seem to be some growing pains when it comes to the charging poles at the science center, but with the quick/friendly help from Fortum customer support I was ‘hooked’ eventually 😉

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