Active Gopher servers

This is a list of active (as of December 1st, 2011) Gopher servers on the Internet.

What is Gopher, you may ask?
Gopher was a competitor of the early World Wide Web, differing in its simpler, more structured interface. The flexibility of HTML led to the World Wide Web eclipsing Gopher, and today few people are aware that Gopher even existed. Gopher has not, however, entirely vanished, and over one hundred Gopher servers still provide access to more than a million content items. Unfortunately, the number of modern web browsers with support for Gopher is dwindling, potentially rendering all of this content inaccessible.

This list has 3 columns:

  1. name of server
  2. gopher-link. Only works with a Gopher-enabled browser
  3. GopherProxy link. Enables you to access Gopher servers with just about any browser

(If you happen to know of an active Gopher server which is not listed here, please leave a comment with its URL.)

nameGopher URLGopherProxy URL
SDF Public Access UNIX / /
SDF-EU Public Access UNIX / /
Berkeley gdead Grateful Dead
Dock Sud (formerly known as
Ptah's Globus

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