warp speed

How fast is warp speed?

In the year 2063 humanity broke the warp barrier when Zefram Cochrane launched the “Phoenix” and flew at the speed of light. Since that time Earth, and later the Federation, continued to develop faster warp engines. By the late 24th Century, a few starships were able to travel at speeds matching 9.999, allowing Starfleet to

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What is the Bilodeau sieve?

The Bilodeau sieve is an identity/identify concept, created by Robert J. Sawyer. From Wonder, the 3rd instalment of the WWW-trilogy by Robert J. Sawyer: The Bilodeau sieve, developed by Marie Bilodeau of the RCMP, was based on a simple premise: the specific websites and blogs regularly accessed by a person are idiosyncratic to that person.

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