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What is the Bilodeau sieve?

The Bilodeau sieve is an identity/identify concept, created by Robert J. Sawyer. From Wonder, the 3rd instalment of the WWW-trilogy by Robert J. Sawyer: The Bilodeau sieve, developed by Marie Bilodeau of the RCMP, was based on a simple premise: the specific websites and blogs regularly accessed by a person are idiosyncratic to that person. …

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McDonald's hummus salad

Can I eat healthy at McDonald’s?

Sure, eating a healthy meal at McDonald’s is possible as long as you pick the right item. A personal favourite of mine is the hummus salad. A portion has only 273 kcal and is made up of hummus, cabbage, carrots, ‘hot mojo sauce’, green soybeans, lentils, chickpeas & kale. A very tasty salad! Unfortunately, this …

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What is a kwyjibo?

A big, dumb, balding North American ape. With no chin and a short temper. [source: The Simpsons S01E02]

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