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Delirium – Got the tickets!

As mentioned earlier, Cirque du Soleil will be performing their show Delirium in Oslo Spektrum in Oslo, Norway twice in October 2007. Since I somehow think that the tickets will sell quickly (it’s their first performance ever in Norway!) I was staking out Billettservice and purchased a couple of tickets as soon as they were …

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Cirque du Soleil coming to Norway… finally!

If the rumors are true and the posted tour schedule accurate, Cirque du Soleil is finally coming to Norway! According to the schedule they will be performing a show called Delirium in Oslo Spektrum, on October 1st and 2nd 2007. Ever since seeing their Alegría show in Amsterdam, about 10 years ago I have been …

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Primary Perception: Mind-boggling or bogus?

Seen on Mythbusters this evening: a test of the theory of world-renowned polygrapher Cleve Backster‘s of primary perception. Tests were done by connecting plants to a polygraph’s galvanometer, and then employing actual and imagined harm upon the plants or upon others in the plant’s vicinity. The galvanometer showed some spurious readings (showing some kind of …

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