Primary Perception: Mind-boggling or bogus?

Seen on Mythbusters this evening: a test of the theory of world-renowned polygrapher Cleve Backster‘s of primary perception.

Tests were done by connecting plants to a polygraph’s galvanometer, and then employing actual and imagined harm upon the plants or upon others in the plant’s vicinity. The galvanometer showed some spurious readings (showing some kind of reaction about 1/3rd of the time), so a much more accurate EEG machine was used. When Grant and Tory used a machine that dropped eggs randomly into boiling water, the plant had no reaction. Additionally, Tory’s leukocytes had no reaction when Kari shocked him with a stun gun.

So… Real og bogus? I am not 100% convinced either way, but my mind leans towards bogus. Very interesting matter though!

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