Mark Harmon & Gregory Smith

Gregory SmithMark HarmonIs it just me, or do Gregory Smith & Mark Harmon look quite alike? Everwood is on TV now, and Gregory Smith looks like he could be the son of Mark Harmon, in my opinion…

Maybe someone can have a heart-to-heart chat with Terrea Smith and ask her about that one wild night with Mark? 😉
(No, to my knowledge there is no consanguinity between Gregory & Mark, but the Internet just happens to be a perfect place to warp the truth a little…) 😉


38 Responses to “Mark Harmon & Gregory Smith

  • I agree I had to go on the internet just now it’s my first time watching Everwood not only does he look like Mark Harmon he has his mannerisms there has to be a connection

  • I think gregory Smith look like james mcavoy and mark harmon look like tom cruise

  • Lorena Bandeira
    8 years ago

    quando visita-ra o Brasil, você é lindo e doce e humilde.Deus te abançõe.

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