Mark Harmon & Gregory Smith

Gregory SmithMark HarmonIs it just me, or do Gregory Smith & Mark Harmon look quite alike? Everwood is on TV now, and Gregory Smith looks like he could be the son of Mark Harmon, in my opinion…

Maybe someone can have a heart-to-heart chat with Terrea Smith and ask her about that one wild night with Mark? 😉
(No, to my knowledge there is no consanguinity between Gregory & Mark, but the Internet just happens to be a perfect place to warp the truth a little…) 😉


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  • I agree I had to go on the internet just now it’s my first time watching Everwood not only does he look like Mark Harmon he has his mannerisms there has to be a connection

  • I think gregory Smith look like james mcavoy and mark harmon look like tom cruise

  • Lorena Bandeira
    9 years ago

    quando visita-ra o Brasil, você é lindo e doce e humilde.Deus te abançõe.

  • Lorena Bandeira
    9 years ago

    Mark Harmon é lindo e doce.

  • Mark Harmon is far and away better looking than Tom Cruise (who is more “cute”) and Mark is far sexier too, in my opinion. In fact, I’d venture to say that Mark (whom I’ve seen in real life, hubbahubba) is the best looking man I’ve ever seen – and NOOOO cosmetic surgery and NO vanity, either. If he were single, he’d be the catch of the universe.

  • i think mark harmon & tom cruise look alike… just sayin

  • MarkHarmon is sexy as hell!!!!
    Always have been.

  • john watchorn
    11 years ago

    I don’t mean Mark Harmon but it was Mark Damon in Johnny Yuma – still the likeness is amazing even if the name is wrong!!!

  • john watchorn
    11 years ago

    Just watched a 1966 spaghetti western “Johnny Yuma” starring a young Mark Harmon and he looks amazingly like Michael Weatherly (Denozo) in NCIS. Anyone else seen the likeness?

  • Yes, loved Mark Harmon ever since St Elsewhere. Gorgeous. However, think Greg Smith looks more like David Duchovny. Guess he’s just got one of those faces …

  • shawn pyfrom and gregory smith look alike, i think.

  • hotblackcoffee
    11 years ago

    He gets hotter every day. Love his “marine” style hair cut on NCIS, and I love it when he wears anything Carhartts. Yup it don’t get any better than that.

  • Der ist sooo geil dieser Star<3

    Mag den voll,ist hammer und soo hott… XD

    ! l0vé y0u 4- évér^^

  • unbelivable1 I HAD THE SAME thought, and i even lookd it up on google/wiki, to get the name of the “father”-actor. but then i realized, they-re no relatives. but, weird, huh?

  • wow, i’m a 20 yr old female and i absolutely love mark harmon, i thought i was the only one, he is an extremely handsome man, hands down…they don’t make them like that anymore lol, then again i do have a thing for older men…

  • Gregory Smith also looks a lot like James McAvoy.

  • 😡 hi I am from Croatia, and I love Mark Harmon, it is true they look quite alike, but mark harmon is so hot, hot, hot, and I forgot to say hot, hot… gregory is cute, but mark is for me…. love ya..! kiss! 😛 >:D< 😉 ;;)

  • aucune ressemblance entre les deux! devraient tous se faire soigner.

  • Mark Harmon is very hot!!

  • Wouldn’t you guys just DIE if it were true? OMG.
    Here’s some Greg-related news: Shirley McLaine will be on The Today Show, Wednesday, Nov. 7, to discuss her movie Closing the Ring, which also features Greg.

  • I love Mark Harmon sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much , I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu and I like to meet him ….

  • JenxXxGibbs
    12 years ago

    My heart just stopped beatin..
    My friend and i we’ve been playing a role play game of NCIS now ever since the series started in germany…
    and we took pictures of greg as image of gibbs’s son who we brought to life as kellys brother… and now i found this comment… this is amazin i’m outta my mind!!!


  • Mark Harmon is so sweet!! I have to get to know him!! I love him!!

  • 1 i agree that they do look alike, has anyone else noticed that 1 of greg’s eyes is green and the other brown? 2 i’d like to add in MARK HARMON IS THE SEXIEST MAN EVER!!! just glad to see other people think so as from england. xxx

  • Mark Harmon is the sexiest man alive!!! I love him!!

  • It is true: Mark Harmon is HOT!!!!

  • Mark Harmon is soooooooo hot! SOoooooooooooooooooo hot!
    And yeah, they look quite alike. But the thing is that MArk is so much hotter than the other guy. Even if he could be his father. That’s nice. 😀 I loove Mark Harmon.

  • Hi! Mark Harmon is sooooooooo HOT!!!!! Really and he looks like Gregory Smith as he was his father. But the main thing is: MARK HARMON IS HOT, HOT … and HOT!!!

    Greeting, yours Dani

  • No need to apologize for not-so-perfect English… As you ppl can see, the first comment in this posting is not even in English at all… 😉

  • i have also thought about it. they look excatly same. but tom cruise and mark harmon also look like each other. not much, but enough. sry my bad english, i’m from Finland :)) p.s MARK HARMON IS HOT!

  • xD My mom wanted me to look in the internet because she thought exactly the same^^ they look like they were father and son… maybe Harmon had fun with Gregory’s Mom many years ago and nobody knows about it^^ ps. sry if my english is bad, i’m from germany^^ greetings, someguy

  • abbiamo finalmente trovato una persona che ha avuto la nostra stessa sensazione….wow!!!!

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