WaterRower assembly, take 1 – fail

Yesterday my WaterRower arrived: 2 big boxes.
Today, Jacob and I had planned to assemble it. Jacob was really looking forward to that, and so was I. While unpacking the box I came across a checklist if contents (all items checked), so I figured I’ll use that to see whether I have everything. Well, unfortunately, I do not!
1 item missing: the ‘parts bag’ (which, as you can guess, contains all screws etc). And without the screws, I’m screwed! 🙁

Interesting that that checklist contains the same signature for ‘packed by’ and ‘checked by’. You’d think one of the major benefits of these lists would be when person 1 packs it, and person 2 checks it…

I’ve rushed off a friendly (it’s not their fault) email to the company where I bought it, asking whether they can send me a parts bag asap.

Until then…


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