WaterRower assembly, take 1 – fail

Yesterday my WaterRower arrived: 2 big boxes.
Today, Jacob and I had planned to assemble it. Jacob was really looking forward to that, and so was I. While unpacking the box I came across a checklist if contents (all items checked), so I figured I’ll use that to see whether I have everything. Well, unfortunately, I do not!
1 item missing: the ‘parts bag’ (which, as you can guess, contains all screws etc). And without the screws, I’m screwed! ūüôĀ

Interesting that that checklist contains the same signature for ‘packed by’ and ‘checked by’. You’d think one of the major benefits of these lists would be when person 1 packs it, and person 2 checks it…

I’ve rushed off a friendly (it’s not their fault) email to the company where I bought it, asking whether they can send me a parts bag asap.

Until then…



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