(* correct me if I’m wrong but ‘Sinners’ is the proper Christian term for ‘Assholes’, right?)

Yup, yet another posting about the electric car parking facilities at Nordby köpcenter. This time it’s about people who apparently can’t read Swedish. Either that, or they’re just plain selfish bastards!
The dark car on the left clearly has a big, fat exhaust hole, and as far as I know the Peugeot 207 ain’t electric either…
Since it’s a bit unclear, these are the license plates (from left to right):
DL 21600 (Norwegian plate), LGZ 821 (Swedish) & LCC 493 (Swedish). In my opinion these cars should be banned from visiting Nordby in the future, since they don’t obey the rules set by the shopping center.

1 thought on “Sinners*…”

  1. Caught another sinner today, and he actually returned while I photographed the car… 😉

    His Norwegian was even crappier than mine (quite a feat!), but I think I got him convinced to park elsewhere in the future. Therefore I’m not putting his car her on the ‘wall of shame’.

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